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The MyMizu Project

Location: Japan

Timespan: 2018-ongoing

Green SDGs: 6, 12, 13

Partners include: Unviersity of Tokyo, Kameoka City in Kyoto Prefecture, Kobe City, IKEA, and LUSH 
Image obtained via Pinar Temocin

Although Japan has advanced recycling technologies and Japanese companies convince their consumers that their plastic products are safe and clean, the extensive usage of plastics, especially bottles lead to unsustainable future.

MyMizu (“mizu”means “water” in Japanese) is a co-creative platform based on building a movement for sustainable living through the reduction of single-use plastics and preventing plastic pollution in an innovative and joint manner. MyMizu involves public and private multi-stakeholders and brings different actors during the mobilization: co-founders, entrepreneurs, members, and volunteers, universities such as the University of Tokyo, partner organizations and collaborators, participants of water refilling stations voluntarily, service users and consumers, etc. It provides creative educational experiences, consultancy services, and lifestyle products. It collaborates with local governments, such as Kameoka City in Kyoto Prefecture and Kobe City, to increase water access, especially during the hot summer to keep people, especially elderly ones, safe from heat stroke and dehydration. It also focuses on partnerships with several entities such as IKEA and LUSH to work together on joint product development, communications, and brand collaborations and to create win-win partnerships so that these entities can engage their customers in meaningful ways – from plastic-free running campaigns to the creation of co-branded videos that promote a more attractive lifestyle aligned with nature. Furthermore, the crowdsourced mymizu application (Japan’s first water refill app) provides people with access to 200,000 water refill points globally to refill water bottles on the go for free.

In line with the objectives of GoGreen, Mymizu places co-creation and SDGs at the center: SDGs 6 (clean water), 12 (responsible consumption), and 13 (climate action).

In GOGREEN, we define the green SDGs as the following SDGs: SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15

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