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Mangrove Conservation Community

Location: Banyuwangi, East Java Province

SDGs: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Timeline: 2009-ongoing

Participating stakeholders: Wringinputih village, Kedunggebang village, East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation Center, Banyuwangi Regional Planning Agency, Banyuwangi Fisheries and Food Service Agency, and Conservation International Indonesia (CII).

An image of a tree plantation with very young mangrove trees.
Image by Alexander Linyu Qian Chen

PTP (Pangpang Tanjung Pasir), is a Conservation Community that established in 2009 and officially formed on August 18, 2017, at the Tanjung Pasir Resort Office, Alas Purwo National Park. This initiative grew from the awareness of the local community. This community has the main purpose to gain awareness of the Coastal Community, especially the fishermen around the Estuary of the Setail River, Wringinputih Village, and the Youth who are moved to protect and preserve Nature in Wringinputih, Pangpang – Tanjung Pasir, Banyuwangi Region. Members of PTP (Pangpang Tanjung Pasir) Community consist of several sub-community named Bahari Setail Sejahtera (BSS), Community Business Group (KUB) Selayar, KUB Merpati, KUB Makmur, and also several Youth and Communities who are concerned about the Conservation and Preservation of the Coastal Environment.

The focus of the activities carried out by this community is related to the preservation of mangrove forests and coastal resources. In the collaboration and co-creation process, there is also a Collaboration Forum between the community, government, and the private sector through the Pangpang Bay Collaboration Forum, consisting of the local villages (Wringinputih and Kedunggebang), East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation Center, Banyuwangi Regional Planning Agency, and the Banyuwangi Fisheries and Food Service Agency. More specifically, the local community is represented by Head of Wringinputih Village and Head of People’s Welfare Affairs of the Village, Head of KUB Mina Sero Laut, KUB Bangkit Youth Tegalpare, KUB Pesona Teluk Pangpang, representatives of Kedunggebang Village, and civil society represented by Conservation International Indonesia (CII).

In addition to collaborating in the mangrove conservation movement, the communities also collaborate in reviving the village economy through coastal tourism attractions and mangrove forests. The collaboration is conducted through small community business groups created in each village which are initiated and managed by the local community. This is an interesting finding because by preserving the mangroves in their village, they also benefit from the natural and tourist attractions that are managed and offered by each village.

In GOGREEN, we define the green SDGs as the following SDGs: SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15

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