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Development of Station Area in Nijmegen city

Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Time span: 2021-2032

Green SDGs: 11,12, 13

Participants: Municipality of Nijmegen, ProRail, NS, RvN, Lifeport Circular Lab, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, businesses and private companies, knowledge institutes, citizens.

'Station area Nijmegen' by Mike Wiering (source: Shutterstock )

The oldest city in the Netherlands will finally have an attractive station area. The station area in the city of Nijmegen will be radically changed in the coming years. Development of new homes, workplaces, routes, station square and access point to the station is being planned. A considerable amount of financial resources is being allocated for this purpose. A big ambition that raises number of important questions. How to transform the Station area into a future-proof green, healthy, nature-inclusive, climate-adaptive zone for all seasons (including combating heat stress, flooding, drought, wind nuisance)? How can awareness, design research, monitoring, data analysis, interactive sessions, participatory research, citizens’ science help? To explore these questions together with various parties and stakeholders, the municipality of Nijmegen asked RvN and Lifeport Circular Lab to set up knowledge tables. The stakeholders from government, businesses and education, as well as residents had already series of meetings to explore the most feasible and sustainable opportunities for the area. These opportunities were then translated into assignments that the educational institutions – ROC, Yuverta, Van Hall Larenstein, HAN and Radboud University – are now working on. The focus of this case is on the three stages of co-creation of input for the Development of Station Area in Nijmegen city project: knowledge tables, booster teams and living labs.

In GOGREEN, we define the green SDGs as the following SDGs: SDG 6, SDG 7, SDG 11, SDG 12, SDG 13, SDG 14, SDG 15

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